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Houston Eye Associates Foundation is committed to preserving and restoring sight with comprehensive eye surgeries, vision-saving medications and ancillary services for individuals in financial hardship; and supporting education and research initiatives for the benefit of the community.

Physicians from Houston Eye Associates and local/private ophthalmology practices, along with other partnering medical professionals, donate their office time and surgical skills while Houston Eye Associates Foundation pays for hospital and surgical facilities fees, vision-saving medications, medically necessary lenses, eye glasses, cornea tissue, laboratory services, prosthetics and any other ancillary service necessary to preserve or restore the vision of an uninsured adult or child.

In 1981, physicians from the Houston Eye Associates formed the Houston Eye Associates Foundation (HEA Foundation) in efforts to meet the surgical and medical eye care needs within the community for adults and children that fell into the cracks of the healthcare system. They had the belief that everyone should be provided with the most scientifically advanced medical eye care. Within our community, there is a working poor population that does not qualify for county or state medical indigent programs as their household income exceeds the Federal Poverty Guidelines the state/county programs follow, however the cost for private insurance exceeds the applicant's nominal income, thus leaving the person uninsured.

Houston Eye Associates Foundation is the only non-profit organization to provide medical and surgical eye care services at no-cost to the indigent working poor population. Medical and surgical eye care services are provided within the Greater Houston area, while patients are accepted into the program from throughout Texas.

The Houston Eye Associates Foundation is supported solely by the generous charitable donations from individuals, grateful patients, private foundations, corporate matching gifts and two annual fundraising events. The Houston Eye Associates Foundation does not receive government or third-party funding of any other kind.

Houston Eye Associates Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization committed to preserving and restoring the sight of those in need. For more information, please contact Jessica Tegethoff at or (713) 558-8740.

7155 Old Katy Road, Suite N100, Houston, Texas 77024