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About Us

Our MissionHouston Eye Associates Foundation is committed to preserving and restoring and removing economic and cultural barriers to quality, comprehensive, and compassionate vision care for Texans in need.


Recognizing that quality, compassionate vision care should not depend on your income or your insurance, the Houston Eye Associates doctors formed the Foundation in 1981, receiving nonprofit status in 1983. Doctors provide free patient care and surgeries. Private donations support reduced costs of medications, equipment, surgery centers, and ancillary services.

We continue to build on this founding model of connecting Texans in need with compassionate doctors and supported by donors who care. In the past year, these volunteer and discount treatment costs covered 93% of direct patient care.

Dedicated to providing no-cost vision care, the organization offers a continuum of vision care services through two programs.

Surgical and Medical Program 

Participating doctors volunteer to provide treatment for vision issues such as cataracts, retina and cornea issues, glaucoma, and uveitis. Physicians generously donate the surgeries and care and the Foundation covers the reduced costs for the surgery centers, medications, and materials. Through the commitment of the doctors and the donors, there is never a cost to the patient or their family. This program is available to uninsured or underinsured, low-income Texas residents.

For many patients, the treatment and care they receive allow them to continue or return to work and self-sufficiency. For all of them, it offers a quality of life that clear vision provides.

Eye Care for Kids

Many area students need glasses and cannot afford them. This program helps schools identify these students through a free, school screening program. Additionally, the program connects students with an eye doctor for an eye exam and glasses. The doctor donates the exams and the Foundation covers the direct cost of the frames and lenses. Doctors and donors help assure that there is never a cost to the patient or their family.

Houston Eye Associates Foundation is supported by generous charitable donations from individuals, grateful patients, private foundations, corporate matching gifts and fundraising events. The Houston Eye Associates Foundation does not receive government or third-party funding of any other kind.


Houston Eye Associates Foundation has the generous support from a diverse Board of Directors. Board Members serve as Houston Eye Associates Foundation ambassadors within the community. They are committed to increasing awareness of the comprehensive ophthalmological care Houston Eye Associates Foundation provides to underserved adults and children on the verge of losing their eyesight, employment and independence.

Board of Directors

  • President: William H. Quayle, MD, MS
  • Secretary: Justus W. Thomas, MD
  • Janet M. Balke, PhD
  • Julie Caggiano
  • Samih Elchahal, MD
  • Noel Foreman
  • Charity Grannis, MD
  • Gwen Johnson
  • Timmy Kovoor, MD
  • Sabrina McTopy
  • Mark C. Vital, MD
  • Lanier D. Whilden
  • Irv Wishnow, OD

Advisory Council

  • Genie Van Zandt Byrd
  • Rosanette S. Cullen
  • Carlos A. Gonzales, MD
  • Mindy Greenfield
  • Marc N. Longo, MD, FACS
  • Susana Moreno, OD
  • Rebecca O. Parsons
  • Susan E. Wittenberg, MD

Houston Eye Associates Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization committed to preserving and restoring the sight of those in need. For more information, please contact or (713) 558-8740.

7155 Old Katy Road, Suite S110, Houston, Texas 77024